Brief history about us

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MEBO CONSTRUCTIONS is a private company owned and operated by a sole proprietor and in terms of the BBBEE is a level 1 contributor. The Company runs on the forefront of almost any kind of construction services needed to be accomplished also including logistics/transportation of goods and passengers. The company was found and established in June 2018 and has been operating until. We are a currently growing our image but in due time we will be known by most institutes, or associations with the level of work we are bringing on the table

The company comprises of a variety of services, as our previous projects were with the Gauteng Department of Economic Development whereby we provided transportation services transporting school children for a period of 2-3 months and also another was with GARANKUWA HOTEL SCHOOL where we installed carpets and side skirting. We are a level 1 contributor towards BEE/BBBEE, with active compliance statuses with SARS, CIPC, CSD, and CIDB.